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    1. Absen U2 Small Pixel The Future of Large Displays U2
    2. Absen U2 Small Pixel The Future of Large Displays U2U2 has exceptional display quality even when brightness is reduced to 20% High-definition effects, with no color casts, no color stains and no color blocks In-house
    1. LED Downlight U60 Series
    2. LED Downlight U60 SeriesThis LED downlight U60 series assures wide beam angle and even lighting distribution for common lighting use. The lumens efficiency exceeds 75lm/w. As the color rendering
    1. Outdoor LED Display Rental C20
    2. Outdoor LED Display Rental C20The transparency rate of 37% for the air and light satisfies the requirements of stage and building surface displays. This LED display only weighs 33lb per square. Since its light weight, it is easy
    1. Lightweight LED Display Rental F20
    2. Lightweight LED Display Rental F20The F20 is very flexible and can be turned into various shapes. It can be used in various places such as indoor/outdoor stage, television studio, theatre, concert, theme park and exhibition where
    1. Sports LED Display A90 P18.75mm
    2. Sports LED Display A90 P18.75mmThe superb refresh rate enables the LED display screen to offer perfect dynamic images, so as to satisfy clients' demand for clear and sharp pictures of the sports field in live broadcast.