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    1. Absen AI03 indoor fixed LED display AI03
    2. Absen AI03 indoor fixed LED display AI03Cat-walk-free design: Panels can be installed from front side, and maintenance channel is not required. The installation space required by A3Ⅱ is only 1/8 of that by traditional displays, thus installation
    1. Sports LED Display A91
    2. Sports LED Display A91The superb refresh rate enables the LED display screen to offer perfect dynamic images, so as to satisfy clients' demand for clear and sharp pictures of the sports field in live broadcast. In
    1. LED Lightbox Display A2088 P20mm
    2. LED Lightbox Display A2088 P20mm1. Absen sports LED display is known for high brightness, great stability and good display effect. 2.The utilization of specially designed wave type mask effectively resolves display mosaic problem.
    1. Sports LED Display A1088 P10.66mm
    2. Sports LED Display A1088 P10.66mmDue to smaller pixel pitch, the product offers higher definition in a certain screen area, which assures a clearer image display effect. With both top notch quality and competitive prices, the LED display
    1. LED Downlight U60 Series
    2. LED Downlight U60 SeriesThis LED downlight U60 series assures wide beam angle and even lighting distribution for common lighting use. The lumens efficiency exceeds 75lm/w. As the color rendering