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    1. Rental LED Display C30 P30mm
    2. Rental LED Display C30 P30mm1. With a design that features excellent lightweight, super thinness and transparency, Absen C30 panels do provide a total solution that can meet the demands of rental business, including concerts,
    1. T10 LED Tube
    2. T10 LED TubeThe T10 round LED tube A100 series belongs to the professional retrofit product with ultrahigh efficiency and high stability.
    1. Higher Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Die-casting Aluminum Rental Displays A6T
    2. Higher Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Die-casting Aluminum Rental Displays A6THigh resolution indoor/outdoor die-casting aluminum rental displays 6mm pixel pitch'higher resolution;Brightness 5000nits'Ingress protection (Front and rear)IP65/IP65' which meets both
    1. Truck/Trailer LED Display A1088 P10.66mm
    2. Truck/Trailer LED Display A1088 P10.66mmIt can be used for live broadcast and can meet your requirements for dynamic advertisement, multi-advertisement. The adoption of unique wave type mask effectively solves the mosaic problem previously
    1. Standard LED Panel Light
    2. Standard LED Panel LightThe standard LED panel light is specially designed for the commercial office area and the hotel that have high lighting requirement, substituting the lamp with traditional grille fixture.