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    1. Curtain/Mesh LED Display M15 P16mm
    2. Curtain/Mesh LED Display M15 P16mmSMD LEDs and High Brightness The M15 stage LED display uses high performance SMD LEDs as the light source, and offers pixel pitch of 15mm, and brightness up to 5500 nit. This assures fine quality
    1. MR16 LED Spot Light
    2. MR16 LED Spot LightThis MR16 LED spot light utilizes the optical design to ensure the soft light with no glare. With the energy saving rate exceeding 80%, this product also reduce the cost greatly.
    1. LED Downlight A60 Series
    2. LED Downlight A60 SeriesThe LED downlight A60 series works with wide beam angle and its light is well distributed for general lighting. The luminous efficiency reaches 65lm/w. The CRI of
    1. Stage LED Display A6
    2. Stage LED Display A6Due to wide viewing angle design, the product supports real and beautiful color display from all directions. Using SMD LEDs as the light source, the LED display screen offers more beautiful pictures
    1. Water and Heat Resistant Outdoor Commercial LED Display C16
    2. Water and Heat Resistant Outdoor Commercial LED Display C16The C16 outdoor commercial LED display has good performance in dustproof and waterproof and its protection grade is up to IP65. The working temperature ranges from -20℃ to 50℃. The brightness is 8,000nits. It