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    1. Economical LED Panel Light
    2. Economical LED Panel LightThe product employs special optical design, ensuring the even light output and high lighting transmittance. Owning to integrated design on the light source with the structure, the product is easy for
    1. Curtain/Mesh LED Display A7
    2. Curtain/Mesh LED Display A7Weighing between 9.8kg and 11.2kg, the cabinets are super slim and easy for handling. They are easy for transportation and can help save transportation cost, and meanwhile, they are convenient for assembly
    1. Absen AD07 outdoor LED display commercial AD07
    2. Absen AD07 outdoor LED display commercial AD07Small pixel pitch: Pixel pitch at 6.25mm, the view distance is 6-8 meters. Small pixel , better performance. 6000 nits high brightness: 6000 nits brightness, suitable for outdoor, perfect
    1. Standard LED Panel Light
    2. Standard LED Panel LightThe standard LED panel light is specially designed for the commercial office area and the hotel that have high lighting requirement, substituting the lamp with traditional grille fixture.
    1. T5 LED Tube
    2. T5 LED TubeThe T5 non-integrated LED tube A90 series belongs to the standard retrofitted product with optimized quality, high efficiency and stability, conforming to the T5 fluorescent standard.